"I'll have any one of Cutter's women hanging on my walls."

Danny DeVito, Actor/Director/Producer

Los Angeles, CA

"Cutter's work is a strong marriage between photography and digital manipulation. his technique has a sense of depth, reminiscent of watercolor collages that few artist can master. Definitely an artist to keep on your radar."

Tasso, World Renown Digital Artist

Los Angeles, CA

"As an artist, Cutter possesses a unique vision, one that is dynamic and thought-provoking. His art radiates as it pulls you in. 

John Albo, Writer/Director

Los Angeles, CA

Meet the Artist


Los Angeles based artist Cutter Cutshaw channels his positive attitude, gratitude, and overall enthusiasm about life into his art through elegant and vibrational guided brush strokes and scribbles. His mixed media pieces incorporate acrylic paint, ink, graphite and other raw elements such as paper and original photography which, when combined, transforms his canvases into hypnotic works of art.

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Want to work together?

Cutter loves collaborating with other brands who share his values and creative interests. Whether that means travel, media, fashion, wellness, or studio supplies, we'd love to hear from you to see if we're a good fit.