I require 50% down payment to cover material costs and as a deposit. I make any necessary revisions as needed before final payment is due. My goal is 100% customer satisfaction. From conception to shipping, I normally finish a piece within 3-4 weeks, unless otherwise noted. Be sure to give me adequate time to finish a piece ahead of any deadline you may have. I usually have quite a waiting list around the holidays.
Pricing is based off of size, structure and photo shoot (if applicable). I am more than happy to give you a pricing list on various sizes, so please feel free to email me for more information.

How It Works

Just let me know what particular art I've done that inspires you... what colors you would like focused on most, what size you'd like the art, what picture you would like to use (if any) or if you would need a photo shoot scheduled (for digital art only), etc.

If you are commissioning me for a digital photo collage piece and a photo shoot is needed, we'll need to schedule a photo shoot. I'm open to using existing photography, but keep in mind that your piece will retain more value if you have an original photo shot by me. However, I understand that having a photo shoot isn't always feasible especially if you live out of town or want a piece made of a loved one who is no longer with you. If we do schedule a photo shoot we can capture any number of different styles, fashions, concepts, or looks in order to make your piece of artwork more unique and original to fit your personality and taste. You will retain the rights to all photos.

Once I receive payment, I start on the work. If a photo shoot has been completed we choose what picture to use in the piece together. I keep in mind the colors you'd like the most, and it would take about 3-4 weeks to finish depending on the wait.

I would then email you a picture of the finished art piece before I mail it out so that you get to see. If commissioning me for a digital collage piece I'm open to making adjustments before delivering out, but this is not so much an option for Abstract Mixed Media work.

Payments for commissions are accepted by Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.

Contact Me About Commission Work