Los Angeles based artist Cutter Cutshaw channels his positive attitude, gratitude, and overall enthusiasm about life into his art through elegant and vibrational guided brush strokes and scribbles. His mixed media pieces incorporate acrylic paint, ink, graphite and other raw elements such as paper and original photography which, when combined, transforms his canvases into hypnotic works of art.

But maybe the most alluring characteristic in Cutter’s work is the spirited and frantic energy he passionately applies to each piece. He approaches his work without a preconceived vision of the composition, but rather allows his instincts and impulse to guide and dictate the final vision. Whether applied to his new acrylic mixed media pieces, his world renowned digital art pieces or even his fine art photography… inspiration of life, love of art and people and his awareness that everything is connected guide him through every piece in every medium.

In 2018 Cutter re-invented himself as an artist in ways he never thought possible with his new acrylic mixed media pieces, which was a first for Cutter. His first piece in this new medium, “Crossing Over”, is just that… a cross over venture from the digital arena into the raw traditional world of paint applied directly on canvas and paper.

“Picking up a brush or pallet knife and applying paint onto paper and canvas, relying only on my instincts to guide me, was a difficult and scary challenge. I no longer had an un-do button that I could use (like on my digital art pieces), I had to trust myself, my intuition and my talent on a completely different level, which wasn’t easy at first.”

Born and raised in Detroit, Cutter was gifted with a keen eye for composition. He began creating art at a young age and is a self-taught artist. He does however contributes much of his skill set to his educational training at Full Sail University's film program in Orlando, Florida... where after graduation he started as a graphic designer, which eventually sparked his love for photography and ultimately he merged these two passions into a unique art form which can be seen in his digital art and photography series. Every piece of those digital works consists entirely of photos. He travels abroad and locally, walking for miles to find and capture the perfect elements for each work of art. Some pieces contain more than 100 photos and can take months to create. His fine art photography is also captured on his travel adventures. But his new love of acrylic mixed media is what inspires him to wake up every morning and the love of art in any form is what keeps his work fresh.

“I hope to never get comfortable with one form, style or medium. I want to always continue to grow as an artist and stretch my imagination and talent in ways I never thought possible…regardless of what tools I use to get there.”